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Help Whirl save his Treasures!

Whirl's evil 'Nenemies have stolen his Collection of Treasures! Now he'll have to race at high-speed through huge levels, shoot through wild loops, jump dangerous hazards, and avoid a full cast of evil 'Nenemies to save his Treasures. Whirl needs your help!


High-Speed Racing and Platforming:
* Save all of Whirl's Treasures by beating every level.
* Avoid getting frozen, mummified, or electrified.
* Jump huge gaps with Cliff Crystal power-ups.
* Get new Wood, Apple, and Jewel Rockets to go even faster.
* Game Center enabled with Leaderboards and Achievements.
* Whirl is Universal and works on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
* Beautiful 2D cartoon graphics with Retina support.

Game History and Company

The original Whirl the Squirrel was 100% 2D racing and nothing but, inspired by the SNES classic Uniracer, and had some of the worst/best programmer-created test graphics ever seen. Speeding along loops and hills was the main goal. As development progressed, and testers got their greedy hands on the game, almost every element was repeatedly redone or improved, and platforming elements were continually added to spice things up and make Whirl's high-speed journey even more entertaining. It was crafted over 2 years of long nights and seven day weeks by myself, Donovan Vice (design and programming), two talented freelancers for art and music, and a group of testers who made sure it rocked.

Whirl the Squirrel is the first title from Dioxis Mining.

I hope you have some fun with it ^_-


Whirl the Squirrel - Universal - Official Release Trailer YouTube


Download all Screenshots as a .zip (3MB)
Download all In-Game Story images as a .zip (5MB)
Whirl Story 10 - 1136 - 'Nenemies with Sack.png
Whirl Story 05 - 1136 - Whirl in Bed.png

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